Gala Retail is the UK's largest bingo operator, running 132 clubs from Peterhead to Plymouth. Gala Retail bought the clubs from Bass in 1997. They now have over 15 million admissions a year from over one million active members.

Gala Bingo provides great value for money bingo, industry leading machines arcades, great tasting food and drink and a real sense of community at 132 clubs throughout the UK. 4,000 Gala Bingo employees are wholly committed to helping its one million members enjoy the bingo experience.

Bingo remains a very popular pastime, with 43 million admissions to clubs across England, Scotland and Wales in 2013. The reduction in Bingo Duty from 20 per cent to 10 per cent in the 2014 budget has been a great boost for the industry and the reduction in tax has led to more investment in the division.